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Author's Notes

"I wrote The Twelve Dates of Christmas simply because I looked around one Christmas Season and noticed that while there existed several one or two-man Christmas plays which are produced year after year at regional theatres all over the country, there did not, to my knowledge, exist a one-woman Christmas play.

This would be my mission.

At the time that the project was conceived, I was working at the American Shakespeare Center where Direct Address to the Audience is a part of every show.  I knew that, likewise, I wanted The Twelve Dates of Christmas to break the fourth wall and in-clude the audience in the world of the play.

The subject matter stems from two separate periods of time in my life.  The first is one in which I was newly single and it seemed like everyone wanted to set me up on a date.  The other is a year in my life when I vowed to go out with any person who asked me.  The result of these two spans of times = many stories.  The tales in The Twelve Dates of Christmas include a few “embellished” real-life experiences of my own (or that I have collected from friends) and many, many fictional ones.

I have set out to create a warm, funny live theatre piece that can be easily produced and widely enjoyed.  For further information about producing the play, please visit the contact page."